Cartoon 360 2021 - Day 3

Cartoon 360 2021 - Day 3


Cartoon 360 ended up on an inspiring morning with 3 pitches and a round table. 

  • Milo's Nest - Soleil Film (AT)
    Despite their bad reputation, pigeons can be lovely animals, and so is Milo. The show talks about family relationships and inclusion with a light & funny tone.
    Several crossmedia products are considered: a mobile App "Genius genealogy” (discover your own ancestors & build your family tree), a video Game “Happy Bird”, books & eBooks, cardgames, and nursery songs. 
  • Moffee Adventures - 3Donkeys (AT)
    Moffee is a brainless monkey turned into an unusual hero in a fantasy world of outcasted knights and talking swords.
    Coming from a game universe, the TV show could also be declined as a boardgame.
  • Under the Pillow: Kitten Mormitten - FILM XR (EE)
    Mormitten, the toy kitten, is there to help kids overcome difficulties in their lives.
    A whole “verse” is already foreseen: Film & TV series, VR experience, books & AR books, presence on social VR platform & social media, sewing kits and toys, AR app/mobile game.


Animated creative & content

How production companies are adapting their content to kid’s new behaviors.
Preschoolers are pretty reliable, whereas the 6 to 13 cohort starts to be active on many different platforms and are looking for interactive content.

Linear Broadcasting

How the traditional broadcasters remain relevant as OTT’s presence keeps increasing.
Broadcasters also evolve, and diversify their offer with VoD services, Youtube channels or TikTok accounts.
In terms of budget, linear TV is losing prominence, but some broadcasters saw a budget increase to develop other areas. The loss of market shares is less felt in preschool, because parents trust the established brands. The strength of linear TV lies indeed in the quality of their curated content.

Digital innovation

  • YouTube new algorithm – This new algorithm is supposed to push forward content “of quality”. Divergent opinions on this matter: this algorithm could push people to create better content, or it’s only one more controversy about Youtube “controlling” the content on its platform. In the end, it has to be recognized that Youtube drives a lot of creativity.
  • Will NFTs have a role in animation in the future?
    We heard here again different points of view.
    NFTs could be considered as collectible cards for the digital world, it’s a known mechanism of attraction, therefore it will work, and it already does. Not only teens, but also museums are buying NFTs.
    Or NFTs can be seen as the fetishization of ownership. It will work within its niche until the bubble pops out. 
  • What is the metaverse?
    3 experts 3 answers:
    Maurice: the metaverse is in the eye of the holder, it’s a buzz word, a big pot for everything, and everyone has a different definition.
    Anna: it’s the digital worlds where everyone can be together no matter where you are right now physically. Concern: there could be a lot of bullying in this digital environement. How to make it safe for kids?
    Sebastian: Hate the term. Web 3.0 - multiverse? It could be defined as collection of technologies: crypto currency, immersive platforms, social media.

On these highly specialized thoughts, we said goodbye with a touch of emotion.

Thank you to all the producers who pitched bravely their innovative ideas.
Thank you to all our experts who spend time and energy to enlighten us with their advice and challenging answers.
Thank you to our chairpersons: Vanessa, John and Christophe who ran the show perfectly.

Thank you to all participants, and see you at a next Cartoon event!


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