Cartoon 360 2021 - Day 2

Cartoon 360 2021 - Day 2


Our second day at Cartoon 360 was a full day of talks and pitches.

Here’s what we had the pleasure to hear and watch today. 


"How narrative games bring existing IPs to a new level? by Edouard Gaudel (Ludogram - France) & Luc Verdier (Babaoo - France)

The talk walks us through the mechanics of narrative game while offering 2 use cases. First, “Firebird” produced by Ludogram. Thanks to a tool the studio developed internally they are able to create narrative videogame very easily, but always based on a great story with beautiful graphic assets.
Second, Luc Verdier told the story of bringing the famous comic “Blacksad” into a narrative videogame.
In the end, we learned that narrative game is “just” a suite of interesting and meaningful choices.

  • Detective Brols - ToonYou (BE)
    This mystery solving games has 2 modes: viewer mode to enjoy the story in a linear way, and the immersive mode, where kids can make their own choices.
    A board game and personalized books are also in the pipeline.
  • Pink Noise - La mola Films (ES)
    This digital comedy will bring female role models on screen. They will use comedy as weapon of mass instruction.
    On top of the TV series, they plan to have animated bios of greatest women in history, develop a Pinkypedia & a podcast, will publish a graphic novel & web comic, they will create a whole social media ecosystem where each character has an account, and last but not least will offer NFTs and merchandising.
  •  Newtons - Fabrique d'Images (LU)
    In this fantasy world, the Newtons are strange creatures trying to figure out what they’re going to be when they grow up. The main message is about transformation, ad how you choose who you are.
    This could also be streamed on Youtube, reusing existing parts of the TV series or with original content.
  • Howzzat! - Farr Creative (EE)
    This story is about cricket, bit also about fighting for what you believe in. It’s an adventure sport series.
    The prequel of the story is planned to be a graphic novel. Collectible card game and online game with NFTs are also on the roadmap.


“It’s Climate Crisis: The Ultimate 360 Challenge by Maurice Wheeler (We Are Family), Marc Goodchild (Cartoon Network), Koen Timmers, & Japhet Asher (Polarity Reversal)

After concerning statistics about the anxiety induced by climate change in our kids’ life, Maurice Wheeler conclude with the idea that a positive outcome should be found.
Marc Goodchild introduced us to a project they developed at Cartoon network, as a positive answer to these depressing statistics: the Climate Champions initiative. They target kids from 6 to 13 years to inform, empower and enable, showing the kids that they can do small things to save the world. From a web mobile app, to personal video and gamification, they rallied thousands of the kids from Europe, Africa and Middle East on their platform, sharing the different actions they’ve taken to help with climate change.
The next step was to bring that positive energy to the classroom. Koen Timmers talked about the “Global project about Climate”, where students and teachers come up with solutions through collaborative learning.
Japher Asher conclude this uplifting talk with thoughts on how animation, cartoon characters and video games can bring awareness on climate issues.

  • Mitch-Match - KEDD Animation Studio (HU)
    A TV series using only animated matches made us laugh out loud with its incredible mix of burlesque and delicate impression of daily life.
    It has the ambition to be active on social media: with imitation videos (TikTok), or object illustration (Instagram), to develop digital games and apps (logical games, platform games, maze chase, retro games), to publish books, and – why not – make an animated feature film.
  • Morriton Manor - SoybloQ (DE)
    The story of “Morriton Manor” originates from a show on Rocketbeans TV (local german broadcaster) “Pen and paper adventure”. A video game is in development, and Soybloq will create the animation TV series.
  • Furious Puppets - Onarts Animation Studios (IT)
    This historical comedy takes us to a fantasy Middle Age, where kids want to be enrolled in the Knight’s school. With a gallery of crazy characters, and an energetic tone of voice, this TV show could easily be declined into a video game where lost artefacts should be collected. 

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