Cartoon 360 2021 - Day 1

Cartoon 360 2021 - Day 1


Today at 2PM we have opened Cartoon 360 in Lille. 

Godefroy Vujicic, CEO of Pictanovo – one of our partner for this event, welcomed all the participants to this onsite edition.

Our opening keynote “From ‘unreal’ to a real 360 Brand Strategy for the future” with Olivier Lelardoux and Andreas Carlen from Cyber Group Studios detailed how they were using Unreal Engine technology to create 360 deliverables throughout the whole pipeline of production.

The keynote was followed by 2 projects’ pitches:

  • Dino Ghost – Dwarf Entertainment (FR)
    From a TV series about super heroes and dinosaurs, to board games, card game, online game, TV show, art books, manga, supported by different story lines
  • Adam <3 Adventure – Kavaleer Productions (IE)
    After the TV series, a Christmas special is expected. “Adam Saves Christmas” is a five-minute spinoff the preschool TV series. For this project the 360 opportunities are numerous: point & click apps, audiobooks, publishing, toys & plush.

After the coffee break, 2 more pitches were closing the day:

  • Günter Falls in Love – Cardel Entertainment (IE)
    Between cute and ugly, Günther is a funny character. The show plays on irony and comedy. That stop-motion series could easily develop into a TV special to gain more traction before expanding its IP.
  • Knight of the Wailing Stars – VRrOOm (FR)
    Set as an immersive experience combining music show and VR adventure, this project is starting a fascinating 360 journey.

 At night, we enjoyed a walking dinner to celebrate that first day at Cartoon 360.

Let’s see tomorrow what’s next!