A last day full of emotions at Cartoon Springboard!


The 3rd day of Cartoon Springboard started with two keynotes:

  • The producer’s job on ‘Buñuel and the Labyrinth of the Turtles’
    by Manuel Cristóbal (SP)
  • 'UMBRELLAS': funding your first animation project
    by Álvaro Robles García (ES), José Prats (ES) & Kèota Dengmanara (Moukda Production – FR)

Both presentations really helped young talents to understand the industry more deeply.

Throughout the day, 12 projects were pitched in front of a panel of international top-level experts. Some of the projects were touching, some were hilarious and the audience were captivated by the high quality of the projects. We heard lots of laughter and applause, we saw even some tears in the conference room, it was such an emotionally rich edition!

The young talents received constructive advice and feedback about their projects, and lots of experts and professional participants expressed their instant interest, it is sure that they will keep contact with young talents after this fifth edition of Cartoon Springboard. New connections and partnerships will emerge very soon... The network is growing!

We ended the day with the traditionnal Farewell Dinner at Convent Carmen.

See you next year for the next edition in Valencia!

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