30 international speakers at Cartoon Digital Ghent

30 international speakers at Cartoon Digital Ghent


A 2nd day rich in content provided inspiring talks from our top-level speakers from TF1 (FR), ARTE (FR/DE), Ketnet/ VRT (BE), Submarine Channel (NL), Pikkukala (FI), Plug-in Media (UK), Btf (DE), DigixArt (FR), Aardman (UK), Dubit (UK), La Fabrique des Formats (FR) and IPR.VC (FI).

The speeches were about:

  • "Financing Digital Content": how private funds are adapting to the new digital forms and formats of animation shows
  • "VR: A State of the Industry": the vision of a VR pioneer with international expertise in innovation
  • "Global Trends for Kids Entertainment in Europe": digital trends, device and platform usage, how to make programmes discoverable
  • "Convergence of Game and Animation: Case Study on ‘11:11: Memories Retold’": a co-production case study between a game and animation company
  • "Inventing New Ways to Retain Audiences”:a showcase of how broadcasters are re-inventing TV with more interactive content for their growing multiplatform offers
  • "‘Trueberbrook’: A Stop-Motion...Game": a unique crafted game using stop-motion
  • "Developing for the Linear and the Non Linear Platforms": from digital to linear and linear to digital, what are the creative and economic advantages of both routes from two independent production and digital animation production houses

The day ended with a lovely boat tour around Ghent and its fascinating architecture, a cosy moment to network with the speakers and professionals.

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