Conditions of admission and regulations

Cartoon Movie is organised with the support of Creative Europe MEDIA and is specially developed for European animation film projects. The conditions for participation are as follows:

The project must be:

1. An animation film (minimum 50% animation)

  • Of a minimum running time of 60 minutes
  • Cinema quality
  • All new animation techniques are accepted

2. European

  • Any European producer whose registered office is located in a country associated with Creative Europe MEDIA can present a new animation project at the Cartoon Forum.

  • Countries associated with Creative Europe MEDIA: the 27 EU countries + Iceland, Norway, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Republic of Serbia, Georgia, Moldova, Tunisia & Ukraine.
    List of non-EU Participating Countries in the Creative Europe Programme

  • Attention: since the Brexit, the UK is not part of the eligible countries.

3. Independent production company

Please note that only independant production companies can submit a project.

4. Intended for theatrical distribution

5. Accompanied by a European letter of interest

A letter of interest from a distributor, a sales agent, or a new platform must go with every project (optional for the projects in concept).

6. Only 2 projects per company can be submitted

Selection procedures

1. Project submission

The project or film that the producer submits to CARTOON must be in one of the following 4 categories: project in concept, project in development, film in production or film in sneak preview. The producer must respect the admission requirements and the deadlines, and must provide the required documents as mentionned in the toolbox.

A project may be submitted to Cartoon Movie a number of times, but in a different category each time (the same project may not be submitted a second time in the same category).

On the basis of information provided in the presentation documents, Cartoon’s selection committee reserves itself the right to determine the European feature film status of the projects received and their status of progress before accepting them to Cartoon Movie. For projects in concept and in development, please note that Cartoon’s selection committee reserves itself the right to determine the final category of the project. 

Note : producers whose project has been selected can't decide to withdraw their project after 11 January 2022, or they will have to pay the sum of 1000 EUR. This rule is set in order to be fair to the other producers who didn't have the opportunity to be selected.

2. Selection criteria

The selection criteria upon which CARTOON’s Selection Committee will make its decision are based on the compliance with the admission requirements mentioned above and the global objectives of the MEDIA Programme, which are as follows:

  • to preserve and enhance European cultural and linguistic diversity and its cinematographic and audiovisual heritage, guarantee its accessibility to the public and promote intercultural dialogue;
  • to increase the circulation and viewership of European audiovisual works inside and outside the European Union;
  • to strengthen the competitiveness of the European audiovisual sector in the framework of an open and competitive European market favourable to employment, including by promoting links between audiovisual professionals.

The Selection Committee will therefore take into consideration, among other things:

  • the European origin of the presented work;
  • its technique easily assimilated to an animation film;
  • its creative potential, its originality and its place in the international market;
  • its economic and commercial prospects, its ability to create jobs in Europe, its positioning in the European market, its prospective audience;
  • the ability of the producer to create European cooperations around the project.

In order to meet the objectives of the MEDIA Programme, and notably the cultural and geographical diversity, CARTOON will pay particular attention to projects and films from countries that have a low capacity of audiovisual production and to those from the new member states.

CARTOON’s Selection Committee has the right to refuse a project or a film, or to change the project or film to another category, on the basis of the application documents submitted by the producer. For projects in concept and in development, please note that Cartoon’s selection committee reserves itself the right to determine the final category of the project. 

CARTOON’s selection committee reserves itself the right to limit the amount of projects accepted to Cartoon Movie in order to ensure that all projects presented will have a fair and equal chance of finding potential partners (maximum 2 projects per company can be accepted).

CARTOON's Selection Committee pays particular attention to projects from countries with low production capacity as well as those mentioning sustainability themes and promoting parity and diversity. 

In the case CARTOON receives an excessive amount of projects, selection will be made on the basis of the general status of the project, the admission criteria mentioned above and the overall objectives of the Creative Europe MEDIA.

3. Decision

Producers will be informed of the Selection Committee’s decision. The Selection Committee’s decision is final. In case of dispute, the producers are entitled to request a written justification from the Selection Committee.

Please note that:
- Only independant production companies can submit a project.
- Production teams of selected projects must afford registration fees to Cartoon Movie.