Pitching sessions

As Cartoon Movie 2021 goes digital, we ask that you to record your pitch in advance.
The recorded pitches will be put on Cartoon's digital platform as the programme of the event progresses. Participants can then watch them at their convenience. They will remain online until 31 March.


The maximum length of your pitch depends on the category of your project

Projects in concept: maximum 10 minutes.
On the digital platform, CARTOON will group several projects in concept (4 to 5) for a one-hour presentation.

Projects in development: maximum 20 min

Films in production: maximum 20 min (INCLUDING the screening of the 5 min extract - animated images)

Films in sneak preview: presentation of 3 min max. followed by a 15 min extract of your film.

To be well prepared

When preparing your recorded pitch think about:

  • your project’s concept with the description of the characters and the storylines, 
  • your project’s graphics, 
  • the target audience, 
  • the negotiating rights, 
  • the production business plan, 
  • the budget, 
  • the state of advancement of the financial arrangements, 

Don’t forget that your Chairperson is here to help, don’t hesitate to send them a first version of your recorded pitch to gather their feedback and advice before you send your final version to Cartoon.


We ask you to pitch your project in English. If no one in your team can properly pitch in English, it will be possible to pitch in your native language if you provide slides with English translation.

Your recorded pitch

  • The video should start on a still image with a visual of your project along with the following information: Title / Category / Names of the main production company and co-producers (or logos) / Name of the director(s).
  • Technical specification of the video:
    MP4 file in HD 1080 (1920x1080 px), with Audio codec AAC-LC (low-complexity). Videos will be hosted on Vimeo (they will only be available for registered participants who clicked on the direct link).
  • Pay particular attention to the sound quality of your video, voices should be clear and understandable.

The video of your pitch must be sent to us by Friday 26 February at the latest.
For any question regarding the video of your pitch, please contact Marine (marine.petit@cartoon-media.eu).

Extra Time

An “Extra Time” is organized right after your pitch so that you can meet people interested in your project.
A virtual meeting room dedicated to your project will be accessible via a link under the video of your pitch. The “Extra Time Corner” opens at the end of your pitch and remains open for 30 minutes.

Feedback forms & List of Attendees

  • Cartoon asks each participant to fill in a feedback form after each viewing. The form is available under the video of the pitch or at the end of the video itself.
  • Submitted feedback forms and attendance lists will be sent out to the first Contact Name at the end of each day during Cartoon Movie and then once a week until 31 March.