Cartoon Movie Tributes

The aim of the Cartoon Movie Tributes is to reward outstanding achievements, companies or personalities that have had a positive and dynamic influence on the animation feature film industry. 

All professionals attending the Cartoon Movie vote on site for their favorite nominee in 3 categories: Director, Distributor and Producer of the Year

The 2017 Award Ceremony took place during Cartoon Movie on Friday 10th March. The winners received a Cartoon Movie Tributes trophy, symbol of the professional recognition from their peers.

Winners 2016

Left to the right: Christophe Erbes, Frédérique Vinel (Fabrique d’images), Moe Honan (Moetion Films), Jan Goossen (Grid Animation) & Emely Christians (Ulysses Filmproduktion), Sune Lind Thomsen (SF Film), Rémi Chayé (Sacrebleu Productions) and Marc Vandeweyer

Director of the year

  • Rémi Chayé for “Long Way North” (France)

The other nominees were: Jan Bultheel for “Cafard” (Belgium) & Michael Ekblad, Ted Sieger & Matthias Bruhn for “Ted Sieger’s Molly Monster – The Movie” (Germany).

Distributor of the year 

  • SF Film (Denmark) 

The other nominees were: BIR Film (Turkey) & La Belle Company (France).

Producer of the year

  • Ulysses Filmproduktion, Fabrique d’images, Grid Animation & Moetion Films (Germany / Luxembourg / Belgium / Ireland) for "Ooops! Noah is gone..."

The other nominees were: Ankama Animations (France) & MAD Entertainment (Italy). 


Previous winners


  • Directors of the year: Mark Burton and Richard Starzak for "Shaun the Sheep" (United Kingdom)
  • Distributor of the year: INDIE SALES (France)
  • Producer of the year:  TeamTO (France) for "Yellowbird"
  • Rhône-Alpes Personality of the year: Patrick Eveno and Mickaël Marin, in charge of The Annecy International Animation Film Festival and its Market (Mifa)


  • Producer of the year: Walking The Dog (Belgium)
  • Distributor of the year: Le Pacte (France)
  • Directors of the year: Thomas Szabo & Hélène Giraud for “Minuscule” (France)
  • Rhône-Alpes Personality of the year: Folimage’s founder Jacques-Rémy Girerd, director of films such as “Raining Cats and Dogs”, “Mia and the Migoo” and more recently “Aunt Hilda!”


  • Producer of the year: Les Armateurs (France)
  • Distributor of the year: TF1 International (France)
  • Director of the year: Peter Lord for "The Pirates! Band of Misfits" (United Kingdom)


  • Producer of the year: Perro Verde Films (Spain)
  • Distributor of the year: Cinéart (Belgium)
  • Director of the year: Rémi Bezançon & Jean-Christophe Lie for «Zarafa» (France)


  • Producer of the year: France 3 Cinéma (France)
  • Distributor of the year: STUDIOCANAL (France)
  • Director of the year: Pierre Coffin for «Despicable Me» (France / USA)


  • Producer of the year: nWave Pictures (Belgium)
  • Distributor of the year: Wild Bunch Distribution (France)
  • Director of the year: Stéphane Aubier & Vincent Patar for "Panique au Village" (Belgium) 


  • Producer of the year: Cartoon Saloon (Ireland), Les Armateurs (France) & 
  • Vivi Film (Belgium)
  • Distributor of the year: BAC Films (France)
  • Director of the year: Tomm Moore (Ireland) for "The Secret of Kells"


  • Producer of the year: Prima Linea Production (France)
  • Distributor of the year: Europa Distribution
  • Director of the year: Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud for "Persepolis"


  • Producer of the year: Alphanim (France)
  • Distributor of the year: Scanbox (Denmark)
  • Director of the year: Michael Hegner and Karsten Kiilerich (Denmark) for “The Ugly Duckling and Me!”


  • Producer of the year: Aardman (UK)
  • Distributor of the year: Gebeka Films (France)
  • Director of the year: Nick Park and Steve Box for «Wallace & Gromit: The curse of the Were-Rabbit» (UK / USA)


  • Producer of the year: Ralph Christiaens (Ireland)
  • Distributor of the year: France 3 Cinéma (France)
  • Director of the year: Piet De Rycker & Thilo Rothkirch for “Laura Star” (Germany)


  • A Film (Denmark)
  • Folimage (France)
  • Pathé Europe (France)


  • Didier Brunner (France)
  • Filmax (Spain)
  • Robert Rea (France)


  • Cinéart (Belgium)
  • Rothkirch Cartoon Film (Germany)
  • Trickompany (Germany)


  • A Film (Denmark)
  • Aardman (UK)
  • Cecchi Gori (Italy)
  • Michel Ocelot, Didier Brunner & Marc Bonny (Fance)
  • MFA (Germany)