Cartoon Digital 2016 Seminar: creating entertainment for connected screens
06 – 08 Dec 16
Munich (Germany)

Cartoon Digital is a top-level seminar about the latest developments in digital animation and entertainment for connected screens.

29 speakers will rally in Luxembourg to lead a 3-day conference on how the combination of Internet and mobility have opened great creative and business opportunities for animation content owners and producers.

Our speakers in 2015

  • Kids Media ©nsulting - Christophe Erbes (FR)
  • Dynamo - John Lomas-Bullivant (UK)
  • Fabrique d'Images - Thibaut Auriacombe (LU)
  • Doghouse Films - Pierre Urbain (LU)
  • Mélusine Productions / Studio 352 - Stephan Roelants (LU)
  • VRT - Filip Fastenaekels (BU)
  • TANT MIEUX PROD. - Michael Bolufer (FR)
  • - Benoit Balagny (ES)
  • Momedia tv - Lucas Bertrand (UK)
  • Pictanovo - Rudy Turkovics (FR)
  • Ankama Animation - Julien Fabre (FR)
  • ZEILT productions - Laurent Witz (LU)
  • Fabrique d'Images - Frédérique Vinel (LU)
  • Marx Van Ranst Vermeersch & Partners - Herman Croux (BE)
  • TOONYOU.COM - Alexandre Touret (BE)
  • KWEB/Wallimage Creative - Domenico La Porta (BE)
  • Nick Dorra Productions Ltd - Nick Dorra (FIN)
  • TaDaKids - Christopher Skala (UK)
  • Bayard Jeunesse Animation - Frank Girard (FR)
  • X-Media Digital - Natasha Khitrova (RU)
  • Hoho Entertainment - Helen Howells (UK)
  • Eye Present - Genevieve Dexter (UK)
  • Ravensburger Digital - Thomas Bleyer (DE)
  • CNC - Pauline Augrain (FR)
  • Film Fund Luxembourg - Norbert Laporte (LU)
  • CNC - Valérie Bourgoin (France)

"Such a well organized exclusive event, its rich content and amazing atmosphere. All thanks to your unbelievable approach."
Aleksandra Bankowicz, Naive Films (Poland)

The Master does such a great job
of bringing like-minded people together.
It runs smoothly, is good fun,
offers a chance to learn new things,
and share ideas and vision.
Eleanor Coleman, Indie Sales (France)

Case study: “Moshi Monsters”


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