Cartoon Digital Seminar: creating entertainment for connected screens
02 – 04 Dec 15
Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Cartoon Digital is a top-level seminar about the latest developments in digital animation and entertainment for connected screens.

Over 30 speakers from 8 countries, including the US, Canada, United Kingdom, France and Japan, will explore the latest developments of the sector, such as: the Internet of Things, connected toys, HTML5, the phenomonen of apps, digital broadcasting, VOD, fundraising, case studies are some of the topics to be discussed.

"Such a well organized exclusive event, its rich content and amazing atmosphere. All thanks to your unbelievable approach."
Aleksandra Bankowicz, Naive Films (Poland)

The Master does such a great job
of bringing like-minded people together.
It runs smoothly, is good fun,
offers a chance to learn new things,
and share ideas and vision.
Eleanor Coleman, Indie Sales (France)

Case study: “Moshi Monsters”


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