How Cartoon Forum works

The pitching sessions

The pitching sessions will take place in 3 studios simultaneously (Pink, Blue & Purple rooms).

CARTOON will organise the sessions programme through the 3 days based on target, nationality, co-producers, content, interest...  expressed by the buyers for each project.


Each producer will have 30 minutes to present all the aspects of their project, including concept, graphics, characters, production schedule, stage reached in the financial arrangements, profitability scheme and what they expect from the audience.

A new category has been created: the Short Pitch sessions, where several projects will be pitched in 10 minutes.

"Extra Time" corner

A special area will be set up just outside each studio so that producers can follow up with people interested without delaying the next presentation.


An experienced and neutral animation consultant will help producers prepare their presentations beforehand. The chairperson will also be present during the pitching session, to introduce the producers and act as moderator during the questions & answers. Check out the list with short bios.

Trailers of the projects - Croissant & Coffee Shows

To start the day, all participants share an animated breakfast, the traditional "Croissant Shows", and watch on a giant screen the trailers of the projects to be presented in the morning, while sipping their coffee.

The projects to be pitched in the afternoon will have their trailers shown at the "Coffee Shows", after lunch.

These screenings will show the essence of the projects and will help attract a maximum of people to join the presentations, as they will have to choose between 3 projects for each slot.


The catalogue will no longer be printed! It will be an e-catalogue to download on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • The catalogue will be completely digital. As mentioned on the application page, information and images of your projects are taken from the elements you have submitted.
  • This interactive PDF will be available for any kind of tablet, smartphone & computer, readable everywhere with direct links to websites and video online. You will be able to download it from our website (some days before the Cartoon Forum, we will inform you in time).


Cartoon Tributes

Each year professionals nominate their peers in three categories: Broadcaster, Investor/Distributor and Producer of the Year. Participants will vote on site for the winners of the Cartoon Tributes. The aim is to reward active contributions to the animation industry.

Networking activities

Another tradition of Cartoon Forum! We give you the opportunity to enjoy the jewels of the city and the region, while networking in a new setting.

Services on site

Digital exhibition

Flatscreens in the lobby will display the visuals of each project selected for the Cartoon Forum, adding nice colours and extra promotion.

Pigeonholes & press

This year exceptionally, due to the sanitary precautions, participants won't have a personal pigeonhole.

It is possible to organise press briefings in collaboration with the press attaché. Please see Gerardo Michelin's contact information on the Press Page

Internet Café

Computers and WiFi connection will be available in the congress centre.

How to take part

Want to pitch a project? Submit it by the set deadline.

The Selection Committee will select about 80 projects. Cartoon will send the files to the buyers and will create the Cartoon Forum programme according to their interest.

You can also attend the event as an observer.