About Cartoon 360

A pitching event totally dedicated to cross-media animation:
the next step after Cartoon Forum and Cartoon Movie
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  • Pitch your cross-media project to a panel of digital experts
  • Get instant practical advice and guidelines
  • Learn detailed budget costs and business plans, best practices, audience engagement, new partnerships…
  • Connect with today’s digital stakeholders

How does it work?

The 2 1/2 days will focus on two parts:

  • 1: Pitching sessions made by animation companies who have a 360 approach built in their project

Selected producer will be allocated a 40-minute session:

- 20 minutes to present the cross-media approach of their project. The pitch will focus on how the project will be/is developed to travel on a selected number of platforms (min. 2 platforms excluding TV and theater since these formats will not be pitched)

- 20 minutes for a panel of interactive and transmedia experts to give their first impression on the pitch and offer guidance and helpful advice

Other participants will also attend the pitching sessions.

  • 2: Didactic presentations by key cross media players (each in their field)

The pitching sessions will be completed by presentations on key elements of the digtal market, such as detailed budget costs, business plans, audience engagement, new parnerships, best practices, distribution, etc. 

Digital experts

CARTOON will appoint 30 digital stakeholders from the new platforms and cross-media fields who are willing to share their knowledge, including:

Broadcasters’ digital representatives
Digital entrepreneurs
Game companies
Game and apps publishers
Digital book publishers
Digital distributors
VOD platforms
Toy and licensing companies
Digital marketing agencies
Web and interactive writing specialists

Download the catalogue of the 2019 edition